A New Light Fixture for the Dining Room

Well, we now have our first electrical update under our belts! (Michael does, under his belt, I mean.) I was minding my own business cleaning the kitchen and prepping tomatoes for some home made sauce, when Michael said he needed my help. I had no idea what I was in for.

Earlier this summer we purchased this light fixture from Crate & Barrell.



We had a gift card from our wedding 7+ years ago, and finally got around to using it. So this is one of the things we picked out. We also got some pretty cool little cafe lights that look like little bird cages.

Anyway, Our plan for this pendant light was to replace our kinda standard lighting in the dining room. Well, since I am not used to this whole blogging thing quite yet, I completely forgot to take any before pictures. Any pictures we do happen to have in the dining room omit the previous fixture. It wasn’t awful. It just wasn’t anything particularly interesting. So we thought we’d add a little pizzazz with this red pendant!

A little tip for when you’re shopping on-line: Check the dimensions. As it turned out, the light was about twice the size we expected. As you can see from the picture, there’s not much to give you a reference point for how large the light is, so we were free to make our own assumptions about size. Little did we realize (or care?) that there was a handy little “dimensions” tab right there on the product page.

Well, I’m actually okay with the size we got. Now that it’s in place it doesn’t seem too big at all. But I’m not sure we would have bought it if we knew the size.


So there I was making tomato sauce, when Michael asked me to help him decide how high to hang this thing. Not too demanding. I continued making sauce and then Michael said it was time for me to help him by holding the light up over my head while he attached it.

What I thought was going to be a quick job turned out not to be so quick. I found myself wondering how in the world Moses was able to hold his arms up during that whole battle!

Wish I had me some helpers!

So, I’m standing there holding this whole light fixture up in the air, while Michael is struggling to get it screwed in. First the wires, then the support, then finally ready to screw in the cover plate over the excess cord. That was the part that turned out to be the doozie. Because of how the ceiling molding was, it was preventing us getting the plate close enough to screw it in. The holes weren’t matching up.

So this is the part where things got ugly. While Michael and I were working on this project, Michael had meanwhile built a barricade of dining room chairs to keep the little kids out of the dining room. They kept fighting and rough housing and getting hurt in the living room. JB kept crawling through the barricade. It was pretty frustrating since we had to keep kissing boo boos and breaking up kid brawls. And it was starting to get late and we were losing daylight. (This was going to be a problem, since we couldn’t just turn on the light…)

So, I’m up on the ladder, Michael is on the step stool. It’s hot, so we’re sweating bullets. We figured out we could just barely get holes for the screws to match up if we pushed on the plate with full strength. I’m not just talking about pushing hard. I’m talking about pushing harder than you ever thought you could. A lot like child labor. I was the one pushing so Michael could put the screws in. We tried it the other way, but I just couldn’t do it. So I did the pushing (I have experience in that department) and he did the screwing. A lot like child labor.

In fact the whole experience was a lot like child labor. There was a lot of pushing. A lot of yelling, panting, cursing, sweating, crying, more yelling and pushing. And by the time we were done, I collapsed on the floor, my arms were shaking, my back hurt, and I felt so weak. And famished.


But Michael kept encouraging me to just look at it. Wasn’t it all worth it? And indeed it was.


What do you think? I think it’s fun and cool, and just that perfect pop of color we needed in the dining room. But I sure am glad that’s over!


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