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Lessons from Darth Vader

Several years ago, we introduced our (now) 7 year old to the REAL Star Wars (episodes IV-VI). If you want, we can talk about my issues with I-III another time…. Star Wars is cheesy. Star Wars is fun. And, surprise!!! Star Wars is kinda deep, ya’ll. Star Wars was a huge part of my growing […]

My Most Important Audience

I started writing this Thursday. Had to finish it today. Which day it all happened is not really important. Today was one of those days. The stuff nightmares are made of. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. The kids have all had runny noses. The temperatures outside got very low last night, and it’s only (as far […]

My One Word & Saint for 2015

I’m choosing a theme for the year, again. I’m not sure, though if it’s the best way for me to make my goals/resolutions for the new year. See, as I was scrutinizing myself and my life, I came up with a theme: Balance. I need balance in my life or I’m not going to survive! […]

Attachment Parenting is Not the Gospel

At some point after my “tirade” against Attachment Parenting (which you know was not really a “tirade” but more of a, “yo! why you be frontin’?”), a bunch of people were linking to Dr. Popcak’s blog post which (in a passive aggressive way, IMO) insisted that Attachment Parenting is the method with God’s stamp of […]

My Problem with Attachment Parenting

I try not to rant about things on the internet, but I think some parents need to hear this. I mustache you a question: Is it okay if I have a little rant? Let me preface this by telling you a little about our parenting choices. Within the first month of the first child of […]

Book Review: The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning by Simcha Fisher

I just finished reading Simcha Fisher’s book, The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning. I laughed so hard. I somberly nodded my head in agreement. Michael and I read several chapters together and discussed them. The thing is, there’s not much truth in advertising when it comes to NFP. Well, maybe that’s not true. It’s […]

{7QT} Vol. 5 – Catholic Crafts, Great Literature, Awesome Blogs & a Project Frogged

Linking up with Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary. Check out more quick takes here! 1. This article. Pope Francis comments on the sins of the media. Don’t hold back, Papa. 2. Working on one of these rosary boards from Catholic Icing with the kids. So far, perfectionist mommy has let them do very little. We […]

Cheers & the Meaning of Life

This post is something been brewing for about a year now. Last year, while I was still pregnant with John Benedict (our 4th) and wrangling the other three (ages 4 and under), I experienced something I hadn’t experienced before. Friends, family, and perfect strangers took a particular interest in our fertility and wondered why we […]