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Lessons from Darth Vader

Several years ago, we introduced our (now) 7 year old to the REAL Star Wars (episodes IV-VI). If you want, we can talk about my issues with I-III another time…. Star Wars is cheesy. Star Wars is fun. And, surprise!!! Star Wars is kinda deep, ya’ll. Star Wars was a huge part of my growing […]

5 Favorite Fictional Couples

With St. Valentine’s Day only two days away, I’m going to list my five favorite fictional couples. (This was SO hard! And the longer I think about it, the more likely I’ll change this to my 10 favorites, so I’m just going to get started!) Ok, here we go! 1. Emma Wodehouse and Mr. Knightly […]

Review: Life of Pi (movie), Faith, and Doubt

We finally watched the Life of Pimovie. I was hesitant…sort of. For our first Christmas, Michael and I drove from Santa Barbara, CA out to Durango, CO to meet up with his family for a ski vacation. I have good and bad memories of that drive because I was horribly sick with my first pregnancy […]