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A Surprise Addition to the Family

Last week we took the kids to the Toledo Botanical Gardens. I can’t believe it was our first time since moving to Toledo! It may have been because I did not realize its free. Well, we took a bunch of pictures with the posted plant names so we could remember things we’d like to use […]

Landscaping is…not my forte

I’m not great at this. Especially the looking at what you have & then having a good vision of what you want & how to get there from here. I’m trying to figure out what to do here. Reshape the gardens? Leave as they are? I need some bigger plant back there behind the hostas, […]

Theme Thursday: Dirt

Linking up with Cari at Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday. Diggin’ up some dirt! And yes, I’m late! What else is new? Here’s a little video of my darlin’ kiddos helping with the garden last spring. Alasdair was just 16 months, and that’s a 24-month t-shirt! Ha! And Nikki’s wedgie problem? Just LOL! This spring […]

Five Favorite Crops For Our “Lazy Man’s” Garden

It’s about time to think about starting some seeds! The last two summers, we were renting a house that already had a huge garden plot when we moved there. The soil was rich & ready to go, though it had been unused for a year prior to our moving there & had been overrun with […]

Snow Day & Our Chickies

Yesterday was another snow day. A few more inches of snow. Another day of Michael home from work. Another day to sleep in a little. I have to admit, I LOVE fresh snow. I know a lot of people are ready for spring, and the kids have been pretty stir crazy. First they couldn’t go […]