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Advent and Apologies

So, it’s me. Marcy. Did you forget me? I promise I did not forget about you! It has been terribly busy around here. Between homeschooling the kids, running TWO at home businesses, contemplating starting with a third (craft related), and trying to keep house, go on play dates, make meals, and participate in holiday fun, […]

O Felix Culpa!

  Happy Easter, ya’ll! I’m learning that I need to pre-write blog posts when I’m going to be really busy, because as much as I think I will get to blogging, it’s behind school & my “job” and a few other things on my priorities. It’s back there with time to read, time to be […]

Happy Feast of the Annunciation!

St. Bernard of Clairvaux spoke of Mary’s Fiat (her “be it done to me according to your word,” her “yes”) as a moment that the whole world was waiting on her reply. This, because he says that God needed Mary’s freely given Yes in order to bring Jesus into the world, Word made flesh. Pope […]

Five Favorites: Meatless Meals for Lent

Linking up with Hallie at MoxieWife for Five Favorites. Click over to her site for more favorites. We actually eat a lot of meatless meals around here, and I have several recipes that we love & just keep coming back to. 1. Vegetable Enchiladas This recipe is great! Cheesy, flavorful, a little spicy…and you can […]

Home Prayer Altar

One thing that we have found to be very helpful for prayer during the season of Lent and beyond is to have an area set aside specifically for prayer. Since moving, we had not taken the time to set one up, and I was not sure where we could put it. So for now, we’ve […]

Streams in the Desert: Thoughts on Lent

I have not always been Catholic. And I haven’t always observed Lent, so when my husband and I became Catholic in 2007, this was all new and unfamiliar. I thought it was cool to have ashes placed on your forehead and to have different kinds of resolutions for a few weeks. From the outside, I […]