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Lessons from Darth Vader

Several years ago, we introduced our (now) 7 year old to the REAL Star Wars (episodes IV-VI). If you want, we can talk about my issues with I-III another time…. Star Wars is cheesy. Star Wars is fun. And, surprise!!! Star Wars is kinda deep, ya’ll. Star Wars was a huge part of my growing […]

10 Ways to Trash Your House

I have had a lot of questions and requests* on how one’s house can get so messy so quickly. So I thought I’d dedicate a post to helping you trash your home at record speeds. It’s really not as hard as you’d think. I’ve broken it down into 1o steps to help you streamline your […]

My One Word & Saint for 2015

I’m choosing a theme for the year, again. I’m not sure, though if it’s the best way for me to make my goals/resolutions for the new year. See, as I was scrutinizing myself and my life, I came up with a theme: Balance. I need balance in my life or I’m not going to survive! […]

Advent and Apologies

So, it’s me. Marcy. Did you forget me? I promise I did not forget about you! It has been terribly busy around here. Between homeschooling the kids, running TWO at home businesses, contemplating starting with a third (craft related), and trying to keep house, go on play dates, make meals, and participate in holiday fun, […]

Recipe for a Romantic Evening

A few weeks ago, I signed us up for a date night at a local parish. They were hosting a Theology of Dance date night (complete with dinner, a mini retreat, childcare, and dance lessons) all for just $45! A steal, right?! Michael and I rarely go out, and finding someone to babysit is part […]

Autumn – Yea!

Well, I guess it’s here (not officially, of course)! The nights have been chilly, and while I’ve been putting it off, it’s time to get out the down comforter for our bed! I have been a little sad. I can’t help it with all that rain. Our backyard still looks like a pond! And all […]

JB is One! (And a little bit of his birth story)

John Benedict just turned one! Usually I am baffled at how fast the first year goes, but this year seemed just about right. It may have something to do with everything that has happened since he was born. We house shopped, bought a house, had major plumbing scares with the house, went on several trips, […]

Summer Projects

Dear Reader, I’m sorry I dropped off the face of the blogosphere! There are so many fun and interesting things to do outside during the summer months. Besides keeping constant tabs on where my kids are, since our new neighborhood is FULL of children and fun and adventure, I have also been helping Mr. Michael […]

A Surprise Addition to the Family

Last week we took the kids to the Toledo Botanical Gardens. I can’t believe it was our first time since moving to Toledo! It may have been because I did not realize its free. Well, we took a bunch of pictures with the posted plant names so we could remember things we’d like to use […]

{7QT} A Plumbing Miracle? And What We’ll Do Now That We’re Five-Thousandaires

I am jumping for joy over here. Remember the severe plumbing issues we were dealing with and waiting patiently to have the money to fix? Well, it has all worked out rather beautifully. The hills are alive with the sound of music. Huge mess behind the washer/dryer. The sump pump sitting in the plugged floor […]