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Autumn – Yea!

Well, I guess it’s here (not officially, of course)! The nights have been chilly, and while I’ve been putting it off, it’s time to get out the down comforter for our bed! I have been a little sad. I can’t help it with all that rain. Our backyard still looks like a pond! And all […]

5 Favorites – Summer Styles (a day late)

Goodness gracious. I have so many blog posts percolating! But in the meantime, for a quick fun thing, I just had to share some quick fun favorite styles for summer. Five Favorites being hosted this week by Katie at The Rhodes Log. Go there to check out more “Five Favorites!” 1. You may have already […]

{7QT} vol. 4 Spring, Library Woes & Spring Break

This week is Spring Break for us. And we’ve been ranting that it isn’t part of Easter this year. And we stayed home instead of travelling to get some work done around here…. Linking up with Jennifer at Conversion Diary for Seven Quick Takes. 1. The temperatures have not been quite so low as they […]

7 Quick Takes – SCOBYs & more

Trying out Seven Quick Takes link-up with Conversion Diary! Check it out! 1. I traded some of our backyard eggs with a friend for a SCOBY. If you have a weak stomach, I don’t recommend googling that one. Sometime this week I’ll attempt brewing some Kombucha tea. I’m hoping i havent already ruined my SCOBY. […]