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First Home, First Home Renovation

I’m going to skip the apologies for lack of content over here at the Frogging It blog. You know, big family, busy stuff, blah blah blah. So here’s what we’re up to this summer. It has always been a part of our planning to add a bathroom to our one bathroom house. Last summer, you […]

The Good Life

I haven’t been posting in a while. My Norwex business has taken up a lot of my previously “free” time that I had to spare. This doesn’t mean we haven’t been living the good life. I’ve been reading, doing DIY projects, and otherwise enjoying family life. I just haven’t had much time to document and […]

College Friends

I don’t want to brag or anything, but we have a fabulous set of friends from our college days that we keep up with. We are all in the same period in our lives: the kid having, house buying, job finding stage of life. We share a lot of the same values and experiences. And […]

Aw, rats!

So, Saturday morning, as I began prepping breakfast, Michael offered to go feed the chickens for me. He got as far as the back door, and called me to come look. No idea what I’d see. And I see this: Yes. That’s a dead rat. Right at our back door. And yes, that’s its blood […]

Home Prayer Altar

One thing that we have found to be very helpful for prayer during the season of Lent and beyond is to have an area set aside specifically for prayer. Since moving, we had not taken the time to set one up, and I was not sure where we could put it. So for now, we’ve […]