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Dining Set Makeover & the Truth About Upholstering with Burlap

Ok, this we did a while ago. To our friends it’s old news. Two summers ago, we made it one of our summer projects to give our dining room set a new look. We had picked it up for $100 at a local church’s rummage sale. It was in rough shape when we got it. […]

Summer Projects

Dear Reader, I’m sorry I dropped off the face of the blogosphere! There are so many fun and interesting things to do outside during the summer months. Besides keeping constant tabs on where my kids are, since our new neighborhood is FULL of children and fun and adventure, I have also been helping Mr. Michael […]

A Spring-Time Baby Shower & DIY Ombre Cake

Two weeks ago, I was supposed to host a baby shower. Then the day before the shower, mama went into labor! Her mom was flying out from Oregon and made it here just after the new, littlest sweet heart graced our city! As you may guess, this threw a loop in our plans, but we […]

{7QT} Vol. 5 – Catholic Crafts, Great Literature, Awesome Blogs & a Project Frogged

Linking up with Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary. Check out more quick takes here! 1. This article. Pope Francis comments on the sins of the media. Don’t hold back, Papa. 2. Working on one of these rosary boards from Catholic Icing with the kids. So far, perfectionist mommy has let them do very little. We […]

Our Lady of Guadalupe Doll

During Advent, I got the idea to make my goddaughter a doll. And then I got the idea to style her like a simple Our Lady of Guadalupe. I only first heard this story a few years ago, shortly after becoming Catholic, when I was teaching American history to some ninth grade home school students. […]

“Baby Unicorn”

Finally! A crafty post!!! For Christmas, Penny said she wanted a baby unicorn. No idea where she got this idea, but when I heard her mention it to my friend Jenny as she was doing our family photos, I got an idea & ran with it. For the body of the doll, I followed the […]