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I’m Marcy, stay-at-home mama. I love all things crafty, great literature, furniture & home make-overs, anything to do with urban homesteading (I may mostly be an urban homesteading fan-girl though…), our one-holy-catholic-apostolic church, homeschooling, and doing *some* things the slow home-made way. In taking care of my family (husband & four kids), I live out my days getting creative with how to save money and live an abundant life.

My husband, Michael, is a classics nerd. 😉
marcy profile

Just imagine him as a hilarious & sarcastic Mr. Knightly. I need him. He is my iron in the “iron sharpens iron” kind of way. He rolls his eyes at me when I say, “Hey let’s try cloth diapers,” or “I think I want to get some chickens.” “Why is it that all of your ‘good ideas’ involve me having to deal with poo?” he’ll say.

1We currently have four children. Nicolette (6), Penelope (4), Alasdair (3), and John Benedict (16 months as I write this). For now the plan is to home school. This year Nikki is in First Grade and it has been such a rich experience going through the year celebrating Saint’s days, the liturgical holidays, and learning a lot of these things for myself for the first time. Nikki always asks me now, “How long until the next holiday?” And she counts down the days.

The name of this blog (as you knitters and crocheters out there will know) is a crochet term that refers to that awesome project you’ve been working on that just isn’t going right. “Frogging it” refers to recognizing when you just need to pull it out and start over. And instead of a nice little sweater, you’ll have a pile of yarn in your lap. But I thought this name was appropriate for my blog for so many reasons (and since my husband suggested it, it shows that he does, in fact, listen when I talk about my crochet projects!). Sure it can apply to a lot of my projects which take several tries before any success. It can apply to our faith life which had so many of the same ingredients, but needed to be torn down in order to be put back and for us to discover our home in the Catholic Church. It applies to my personal struggles with sin, my attempts to be a good wife, a good mother, and a good citizen of the world.

Frogging it, while recognizing that you may have lost time and resources, also recognizes the freshness and joy of a new beginning. I’m always learning, and am often realizing that I could do it better or do it different. So with my blog, I can share my adventures and failures and lessons learned along the way.

Thanks for joining me!


  1. Lacey Michael · · Reply

    I didn’t know that you blogged! Glad I can follow you here. 🙂

    1. Just started! 😉 I’ve been inspired by you & a few others.

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