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My 2015 Reading List

I love book lists. Last year I watched a lot of TV (Netflix, actually). I watched a lot of great shows/movies with Michael. But I want to be more intentional this year. I only read three books last year (if you count Kristen Lavransdatter as only one), and I feel like my usual bookish self […]

My One Word & Saint for 2015

I’m choosing a theme for the year, again. I’m not sure, though if it’s the best way for me to make my goals/resolutions for the new year. See, as I was scrutinizing myself and my life, I came up with a theme: Balance. I need balance in my life or I’m not going to survive! […]

Why Your Kids Should Read Kristin Lavransdatter

I’ve been readin’ on this trilogy for a while now. In fact, I had a library nemesis who I was trying to get the books from. To my knowledge, she still has book three (stupid limitless teacher renewals!). So a very generous friend of mine lent me her own copy, which is all three books […]

Book Review: The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning by Simcha Fisher

I just finished reading Simcha Fisher’s book, The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning. I laughed so hard. I somberly nodded my head in agreement. Michael and I read several chapters together and discussed them. The thing is, there’s not much truth in advertising when it comes to NFP. Well, maybe that’s not true. It’s […]

The Time When My Husband Entered a Writing Contest

I’m grinning ear to ear! The past several years, Amazon has hosted a Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. There’s money in the prize, but more importantly, the winner (or winners) get published! This is so cool! So a few years in the making, Michael has written a novel, titled Backside of Heaven. You can search it […]

{7QT} Vol. 5 – Catholic Crafts, Great Literature, Awesome Blogs & a Project Frogged

Linking up with Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary. Check out more quick takes here! 1. This article. Pope Francis comments on the sins of the media. Don’t hold back, Papa. 2. Working on one of these rosary boards from Catholic Icing with the kids. So far, perfectionist mommy has let them do very little. We […]

Happy Feast of the Annunciation!

St. Bernard of Clairvaux spoke of Mary’s Fiat (her “be it done to me according to your word,” her “yes”) as a moment that the whole world was waiting on her reply. This, because he says that God needed Mary’s freely given Yes in order to bring Jesus into the world, Word made flesh. Pope […]

Relativism, Priests, Religious & the Christian Family

I just finished reading Without Roots: Europe, Relativism, Christianity, Islam by Marcello Pera and Pope Benedict XVI. The book includes a speech given by Marcello Pera, then a speech by Pope Benedict, followed by a letter from Pera to Benedict and a letter from Benedict to Pera. Coming from somewhat different viewpoints (Pera considers himself […]

{7QT} vol. 4 Spring, Library Woes & Spring Break

This week is Spring Break for us. And we’ve been ranting that it isn’t part of Easter this year. And we stayed home instead of travelling to get some work done around here…. Linking up with Jennifer at Conversion Diary for Seven Quick Takes. 1. The temperatures have not been quite so low as they […]