So, it’s me. Marcy. Did you forget me? I promise I did not forget about you! It has been terribly busy around here. Between homeschooling the kids, running TWO at home businesses, contemplating starting with a third (craft related), and trying to keep house, go on play dates, make meals, and participate in holiday fun, […]

At some point after my “tirade” against Attachment Parenting (which you know was not really a “tirade” but more of a, “yo! why you be frontin’?”), a bunch of people were linking to Dr. Popcak’s blog post which (in a passive aggressive way, IMO) insisted that Attachment Parenting is the method with God’s stamp of […]

This is the second post in the Converting to Catholicism Series I am doing here at Frogging It. You can view the first post in the series here: Where Jesus Is! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or e-mail me.  In my journey toward Catholicism, one of the things that always […]

A few weeks ago, I signed us up for a date night at a local parish. They were hosting a Theology of Dance date night (complete with dinner, a mini retreat, childcare, and dance lessons) all for just $45! A steal, right?! Michael and I rarely go out, and finding someone to babysit is part […]

Well, I guess it’s here (not officially, of course)! The nights have been chilly, and while I’ve been putting it off, it’s time to get out the down comforter for our bed! I have been a little sad. I can’t help it with all that rain. Our backyard still looks like a pond! And all […]

What an awesome day Labor Day was! We worked our tails off to get the house and yard cleaned up an organized so we could have a gathering at our place. We love to entertain, and try to get a bunch of our friends together a few times a year. It felt really good. The […]

Well, we now have our first electrical update under our belts! (Michael does, under his belt, I mean.) I was minding my own business cleaning the kitchen and prepping tomatoes for some home made sauce, when Michael said he needed my help. I had no idea what I was in for. Earlier this summer we […]

Hi ya’ll! It’s been a while since I’ve done Five Favorites. And you know what? It has a new host. A blogger I had heard about but had never made my way over to before. And guess what? She is so funny. I love her. She does hilarious stick figure stories, and her sarcasm is […]

John Benedict just turned one! Usually I am baffled at how fast the first year goes, but this year seemed just about right. It may have something to do with everything that has happened since he was born. We house shopped, bought a house, had major plumbing scares with the house, went on several trips, […]

I try not to rant about things on the internet, but I think some parents need to hear this. I mustache you a question: Is it okay if I have a little rant? Let me preface this by telling you a little about our parenting choices. Within the first month of the first child of […]