JB is One! (And a little bit of his birth story)


John Benedict just turned one! Usually I am baffled at how fast the first year goes, but this year seemed just about right. It may have something to do with everything that has happened since he was born. We house shopped, bought a house, had major plumbing scares with the house, went on several trips, hosted family Christmas here, first year homeschooling “for real”, and so much more.


When I was pregnant with John Benedict, since he was the fourth, I was a procrastinator about a lot of things. Getting an ultrasound, getting the glucose testing done, etc. because all of my pregnancies had been okay, I wasn’t worried.

At our first appointment, around 14 weeks (see! Queen of procrastination) they couldn’t find a heart beat. But I wasn’t worried. At our next appointment they asked if I had gone to get the ultrasound to make sure the baby was ok. No, I didn’t. I didn’t want to pay for it when there were no other signs of trouble. No spotting, I felt plenty sick….

They were surprised at me. But they got out the Doppler to listen again, and again could not find it. Hmm. Lo & behold, they actually have an ultrasound machine in their office and they don’t charge to use it. So, they found him & his heart beat. He was healthy & he waved to us.

So after that I never went in for an ultrasound (on purpose).

Then the glucose testing… Well a few things made me delay that. 1.) I had been incredibly exhausted, 2.) Michael would be out of school soon so he could watch the kids when I went in 3.) I was planning to switch doctors (which finally happened at week 32) because of insurance issues we had just been made aware of. So, with all of that going on, I had really put it off.

But at our new doctor, they made me go that day to get tested. Which I did, since Michael was with me. And I failed that glucose test miserably. Oh, and my bloodwork revealed I was anemic. No wonder I was so tired!!!

Gestational diabetes.The rest of the pregnancy was pin pricks, way more snacks than I cared to take time to eat, and limited carbs (which, let’s be honest, was good for me), and charting my numbers. Except for those pesky snacks, it really wasn’t that bad. Although a few times my blood sugar plummeted pretty badly and gave us a few scares.

JB, despite ultrasounds (our new dr. did them regularly in office) revealing he was ginormous, was a week and a half late.

I tried to get him to come at 1 week late by making a smoothie with Castor Oil. I did have lots of painful contractions, but all it did was make me tired and sick. I will not be trying that again!

I gave it four more days and gave in to the doctors and let them shoot me up with Pitocin. As much as I strive to have natural births, not every birth is the same, and in the end I was glad we delivered. Had we waited much longer, he could have had injuries.

So JB was born after 2 hrs. of intense labor and 30 minutes of hard pushing. He was 11 lbs. and besides the Pitocin, it was all natural. I didn’t even tear. He had no injuries, except some bruising from how fast he came down.

I’ve had lots of friends ask me how. Lots of prayer. I remember when it got really difficult I was yelling “Lord, please help me!” Haha. I try not to imagine what I sound like in labor. Every contraction I tried to relax as much as possible and just visualize him as a 7lb. baby just sliding out. Well, I guess it worked. I believed it so much that when they told me he was 11 lbs. I was shocked.

He’s never been small. And at one year he is wearing 24 month clothes quite comfortably. He has no desire to start walking, although climbing on furniture is his new favorite.

His personality reminds me lot of Penny Pie. He’s adventurous. But he also gets really excited about food. Really excited.

Here’s a few from his birthday cake smash-up. (Please ignore our white trash back yard.)






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