{7QT} – I’m The Queen of Procrastination

I need to preface this post by mentioning that I wrote it a few weeks ago and have since procrastinated in posting…And now that I’m supposed to be prepping a birthday party, I’m procrastinating again by revisiting the post. But if things are out of date or out of order, it’s because I procrastinated….I told you.

profile queen procrastination

Linking up again for 7 Quick Takes with Jennifer at Conversion Diary. Jennifer’s book following the story of her conversion from Atheism just came out! I am looking forward to getting my own copy of Something Other Than God (buy here). Jennifer’s blog is so funny, and I would expect nothing other than a heartfelt & funny story. Plus, conversion stories are my favorite.

So some quick takes from my week.
1. Our tax money came in sometime in the past few weeks. But I finally, after lots of procrastination, found the time to call a plumber and he’s coming today!!! If you haven’t read my previous post about this, we have been living a little oddly for the past several months because of a blockage in our main sewer line. We had to wait and pinch our pennies since our first estimate for the work was over $5K. So…yeah. We started saving, and pinching, and mostly waited for our tax refund to get here. And once we had enough to cover such a big job, we realized that we should probably get a second opinion from the $5K one. So, plumber coming today to snake the line and see if he’s got a different opinion. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but this plumber who comes highly recommended from a friend, said that it sounds like the other guys were incompetent and that he just did a full line replacement for just over $1K. When I told him what we previously paid for some other services, he gasped and said he’s 99% sure we can fix it with just the snake. (!!!!) But he might get here and decide that we do need to replace the full line. I’m just keeping that $5K number in my head until I get a sure estimate to the contrary. But I’m excited that it won’t be long before I’m not using a slop bucket in the kitchen anymore!

2. One thing you can do if you’re pretending like you don’t have a million other things to do is paint your fingers & toes! And if you’re especially generous with your time, you could do like me and find a polish that requires 4 coats to look just right!

3. Well, YouTube videos are the top of my list if I am looking at avoiding a little work…and a family friendly and super hilarious thing to search on YouTube is “Kid Snippets.” Just do it. And there are LOTS of the videos. So you can spread them out over time, or do like us and watch ALL THE KID SNIPPETS!!! This one is one of my favorites! Imagined by kids, acted out by adults. It’s like kids say the darnedest things, but with silly acting. My kids love it.

4. In case you wanted to do a little school-time procrastinating (you home school moms), you could decide to do your school work outside for a change. And as a happy by-product, you’ll get to talk to all the neighbors! This is what we did yesterday. It was over eighty and we decided to enjoy the outdoors while we learned about saints and did our reading homework. Well….our neighbors are just awesome. Since we moved in in the fall we haven’t met a whole lot of them. But we have been meeting more and more of them now that people can go outside without freezing their faces off. And we had one neighbor offer us the use of her pool “whenever”! We got to play with more neighborhood kids & and pet all the dogs. And everyone is just so nice and knows everyone. You can borrow stuff & people will run over for some sugar, and they’ll feed your pets when you’re out of town. They may even let you borrow their car if you are a one-car family, your husband is at work, and your baby needs to go to the doctor ASAP. One of my neighbors is a super-awesome crafter. Her house is so cute with all kinds of projects she’s done (the kinds of things I dream about having time to do). She let me come inside her house and check out all her cute stuff! So, I’ve got another source of procrastination since she said I can come over and craft anytime!

5. Pinterest. If you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet, you might not want to. At least if you like your family fed and your house clean. Because you’ll keep telling yourself: “Look at all these great recipes I can use to feed my family! and look at all these nifty cleaning tips so I can keep my house clean!” But rarely will you take a break from the “pinning” of your new-found ideas to actually put any of them into practice! Here’s my interest board of nifty tips for homemakers.

6. So, one of the things I do lately to procrastinate is all the other stuff that has to get done. If I’m supposed to be cleaning the bathroom, I’ll start organizing my office. If I need to set up some mailings, I’ll pull out that knitting project I’ve been trying to finish. In my own weird way, I think that this must be how I manage to eventually get everything done. Because it’s only when someone is coming to my house, and it’s only an hour away, that I actually buckle down and get things done that have to be done. That’s just how I roll. Today, I’m supposed to pack for a short weekend away. We’re leaving at 5:00. So you can be pretty certain that I’ll be sitting here writing a blog post and making coffee and calling plumbers and paying all the bills, then around 3:45 I’ll start to gear up to pack some things. But of course, that’s when the baby will wake from a nap and want to nurse. So, ETD is more realistically around 5:30/6:00. But I can’t tell myself that, or I’ll have to push it back to 6:30. Trying to unthink those thoughts.

7. One thing not worth procrastinating on – getting dressed & doing something to your hair. Every morning that I “choose” to go with the Miss Hannigan look, someone shows up unexpectedly at my door. How embarrassing! And now that the weather is nice, if we are dressed, we can go outside (although I’ve tried several times to sneakily feed the chickens and dump the slop pail in my pjs & still horrible bed head hoping no one would see). Kids playing outside affords a little more creativity in the procrastination department. Since they’re not asking for snacks every 23 seconds, I might read a book or pull out a craft.

Ok, it’s almost 1:00. I suppose I should make lunch and finish some laundry. But wait! Is that the neighbor I hear outside?



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