College Friends


I don’t want to brag or anything, but we have a fabulous set of friends from our college days that we keep up with. We are all in the same period in our lives: the kid having, house buying, job finding stage of life. We share a lot of the same values and experiences. And as my husband was remarking to me, these friends are so dear because we made them during a time in our life when we were being formed into who we are now. They were being formed into who they are now. We grew together. During the college years, in many ways, it is easier to find the friends who could be called “kindred spirits” because you are spending time studying in the same classes where you share interests. You join the same clubs and go to the same churches, etc. This is how you find them.


Roaming around campus with our kids. Wondering what they guys would have said back then if they could see themselves now.

Once college is over, you have to work a bit harder to find the kindred spirits. You may find some that are in the same place faith-wise. But they may not enjoy the same books you do. And you may find that mom at the library whose kids are the same ages as yours, but your conversation revolves around kids and recipes, because beyond that you have very little in common.


I’m not saying I don’t appreciate having an array of friends of diverse faiths, interests, etc. But it is SO refreshing when you have that friend who is so similar to you that you barely have to express the beginning of a thought and they know where you’re going with it! You can commiserate and laugh over child rearing and home schooling and chat about that book you’ve been reading that they probably already read (or get some awesome suggestions). You can indulge in conversation over what education should be and dream about how to create your own curriculum to best serve your children. You can spur each other on in your spiritual walk and share tips on how to sneak in some personal prayer time in a busy toddler snack-time filled day.

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, “What! You too? I thought I was the only one!” – C.S. Lewis

It’s like taking a long hike, in summer, in thick socks and heavy boots…and then finding a nice little mountain stream to rest beside and dip your feet. That refreshment can’t be beat! And the memories of these conversations keep me going until the next time we see them.

I’m the worst about picking up the phone to talk. Especially because I know that the second I do, my kids will be pulling on me and begging for things, and dumping something in the toilet, and falling off the furniture…but I’m working on doing it more. Because the encouragement I gain from these moments is priceless.


And an added bonus? Our kids get to grow up together. Granted, they don’t get to play together frequently, but when they do it is magical. I watch them play together and remember growing up with all of my cousins and how fun it was to run around with a big pack of kids. You just never want it to end.

Over the weekend we had some of these friends visit us, then we traveled together up to our Alma Mater to meet up with more of them. And it was, again, magical. And fun to see all our children romping around our old campus (which is even more beautiful than when we were there…these new whipper snappers have no idea how good they have it!).


The kids back at our first shin-dig.


Some of the kids now, but missing some families.

So thankful for these wonderful people and their families. They inspire me, challenge me, and encourage me.



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