Our Week in Pictures

Lots of things to mention…
Despite sickness touching our house again, we have had quite a lot going on.

Michael got a haircut and now I am calling him Valjean.


I have spent most of this week quite sleepless, since JB is terribly congested with the new cold/flu that is working its way through the family. He can’t sleep & has trouble nursing when he’s so stuffed up. But on the bright side, there has been a lot of sunshine, coffee, & red lipstick.


The kids got to play outside this week. Despite the colds, I set them free because who knows how soon our next blizzard will be.





This little guy, who has been making our life a little less restful than it already was, is too much, I tell ya!


My feud with the library nemesis is over for now. She turned Kristin Lavransdatter II: The Wife in two days early I’m already back into it. It’s twice as thick as the first book, so I feel a little bad about criticizing how much time she needed. But not much. And I embraced charity (or laziness) by not checking out book three before she had a chance.


We found a bunch of old windows under the stairs in our basement & I think I know what I want Michael to do with them…


We finally got started on our taxes. I don’t know why we always wait so long!! They are paying us (yes, paying us) to do our taxes! We usually don’t have anything withheld because of the number of kids + teacher salary. So our refund is because of credits. We did not give the government an interest free loan. As I’m thinking about it, we’re probably getting money from those reluctant 1% people…not sure how I feel about that except very grateful. But with all that number crunching eating up my time, here’s what the kitchen looks like.

Eeek!!! This seriously happened overnight. I know they always say it doesn’t happen that way, but really it did!

Notice the walls are still bare. I have been in a winter slump & have had no interest in decorating. Maybe if I paint something? Speaking of which, we found some old shutters in the basement too. I am going to paint them fun colors & make some pretty shelves for the kitchen.

I know it is blurry, but here’s a picture of the kids & their friend, Hadley, who was here two nights this week. Since it feels like weeks since we’ve seen people, this was an especially fun treat!


Oh, and I almost forgot! We spent last Saturday, during the cold & snow, making a new fence border for the chickens. We gave them some extra space including the big area under the big pine tree. This way they have some shelter from the rain if they want to get some exercise on rainy days. And they absolutely love scratching in the big bed of pine needles & cones.

We also made the fence extra high since BB, one of the Golden Buffs, kept escaping to the bird feeder two houses down. I knew once she found that, we had no hope of containing her. But when two different neighbors in one day brought her home (and on a day i had to go find her myself) enough was enough.

Our one neighbor actually went and got her after the mailman showed up at his door scratching his head about a chicken wandering the neighborhood. Ha!

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