Aw, rats!

So, Saturday morning, as I began prepping breakfast, Michael offered to go feed the chickens for me. He got as far as the back door, and called me to come look. No idea what I’d see. And I see this:


Yes. That’s a dead rat. Right at our back door. And yes, that’s its blood smeared around the sidewalk.

What in the…?

We have a few theories. After Michael told me I was crazy when I asked if it was possible it could have gotten in the house, we talked about the other theories.

Perhaps the talented mouser cat from next door killed it and brought it over as a kind of gift? or was maybe leaving it for later?

Perhaps a hawk killed it somewhere far away from here, and just happened to drop it as it flew over and couldn’t find it again? We do have a hawk that frequents our area (which is another reason that we keep our chicken run covered with aviary netting, besides the talented escape tactics that our chickens display).


Finally, my favorite theory. The chickens killed the rat. A little far fetched perhaps. As a little background, we have had almost an entire week with no eggs from the chickens. Things that make them not lay: lack of light (not a problem), lack of food (not a problem), lack of peace (possibly a problem if there’s been a rat around). Also, given my expertise on rats based on Charlotte’s Web and Chicken Run, I know that rats like eggs. Maybe that’s why we haven’t been getting any eggs lately!!! Especially because on the morning of the dead rat, there were three eggs (one a bit outside their typical laying area). While it’s still hard for me to imagine a rat successfully carrying off an egg, I suppose it’s possible. So in this theory, the rat goes for the egg, but this time, for some reason, the chickens have had enough and they peck him pretty good. He escapes, but not too far, and ultimately not with his life.

And that’s just a little bit of life down on the urban farm. Ha ha!

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