Home Prayer Altar

One thing that we have found to be very helpful for prayer during the season of Lent and beyond is to have an area set aside specifically for prayer.

Since moving, we had not taken the time to set one up, and I was not sure where we could put it. So for now, we’ve set it up on one side of the living room. Nikki (5), helped me collect some candles, and our biggest crucifix (a gift from my brother years ago that also has all of the stations of the cross on it), and a few of our icons.


Setting up the prayer altar also helps the children remember what this season is for. And we’ve been playing the new Lent at Ephesus cd, from the Benedictines of Mary. (Affiliate link)

Several times since setting this up, I’ve noticed the kids over there praying. We have the little daughter of a friend who is in the hospital who we have been praying for, and the girls’ prayers are filled with requests for her. And Alasdair’s prayers usually go: “Jesus loves me. Amen.” But a lit candle is nice as we pass by throughout the day, to remind us to continue to pray.

What are ways that you keep a prayerful spirit in your home?


  1. I wish I had a safe place to so something like this in my home. I have to settle for a picture of the Divine Mercy and a crucifix. Too many little hands. Your prayer altar is very pretty!

    1. Thanks! We have had the kids play with our icons and crucifixes. Thankfully, it is always respectful play. They like to set them up. And our two-year-old walks around the house holding a small crucifix and chanting, “Jesus loves me.” I’m glad he gets it. Ha ha! Have you heard about the book coming out from David Clayton at The Way of Beauty? It looks amazing! http://thewayofbeauty.org/2014/02/a-practical-guide-to-praying-in-home-a-new-book-coming-in-april/

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