Theme Thursday: Dirt

Linking up with Cari at Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday. Diggin’ up some dirt! And yes, I’m late! What else is new?

Here’s a little video of my darlin’ kiddos helping with the garden last spring. Alasdair was just 16 months, and that’s a 24-month t-shirt! Ha! And Nikki’s wedgie problem? Just LOL!

This spring we are still buried in snow. It has been a little warmer and we can hear the birds singing. Nikki says it reminds her of Narnia when Aslan came back. But, there’s snow in the forecast next week. The average temps have been 20 degrees lower than the average temps for this area this time of year.

Today, however, was a higher temp day! If it weren’t for Lent, I’d be shouting you-know-what! Instead I sent the kids out to play in the snow. They’ve been out for two hours and I’ve been having a peaceful afternoon getting some work done.

Mama is not allowed to be sick anymore! You should see this place (well, I’d prefer you didn’t). When the only person who fights chaos is down, nothing gets done and the whole place spirals quickly out of control. I am just thankful for my little break today to vacuum, do some dishes & prep a few freezer meals.

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