Sickness…we’re giving you up for Lent!


February was a frustrating month. Several of us were sick for three out of the four weeks. We had the flu, we had to get a nebulizer for JB because he was so wheezy, and now we’ve moved on to stomach bugs.

Going into this week, Alasdair & I are still sick. I just can’t wait for this all to be behind us.

While I was down with the flu, I read the first of three Kristin Lavransdatter books. I can’t stop thinking about it. Themes of sin, honor, family, love are running through my mind. While I wait for book two to be available at the library, I’m reading John Kennedy O’Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces and Without Roots: The West, Relativism, Christianity, and Islam by Pope Benedict XIV and Marcello Pera.

We spent the day with my parents & siblings yesterday. I got to play Power Grid with them for the first time. Really fun game! It reminded me a little of Ticket to Ride. If you like board games, both of these are highly recommended!

For Lent, I will be giving up all of my excess television. What will be allowed: 1 movie on the weekend. I am also giving up my Netflix babysitter. At least severe cut-backs. I want to spend more time reading with the kids, and have them spend more time imaginatively. A big part of that will be keeping the playroom clean and organized. The kids are way more interested in playing when they can find the toys they want. I am almost done preparing enough meals for the freezer to last us through all of Lent! By having dinner preps/grocery shopping already mostly taken care of, I should have more time to read to the kids & focus on the interior life. Finally, I’m probably going to revisit this book, as my Lenten devotional. I did this three years ago, it worked out perfectly. But it requires 30 mins to an hour of quiet time. And that will mean giving up some sleep during lent. The kids wake at around 7:15, so my new wake-up time will be 6:15.

Are you giving something up or adding something into your life for Lent?

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