{7QT} – Vol. 3 – St. Valentine’s edition

This post is a part of Jen’s 7 Quick Takes link-up.

1. This video….I’ve not been able to stop thinking about these themes ever since I watched this a few weeks ago. I don’t have any coherent thoughts on it at the moment, but I have been mulling it over and want to listen again. Definitely worth your time (30-ish minutes)Entertaining, but also very thought provoking. A Celebrity (Jack Gleeson) talks at the Oxford Union – “I Hate Celebrity Culture.” Fo’ real. Go listen.

2. This post. What a loving response. Praying for grace to be more like this woman.


This is the Valentine Nikki (5) made for me. She did it about two weeks ago, and every day she would ask me how many days until Valentine’s Day and talk about how she couldn’t wait to give it to me.


This girl loves to celebrate. And that’s kind of a bummer since both Michael and I are less than enthusiastic about commemorating little holidays, let alone birthdays or Christmas. Eh. We’re a bit lazy. But as soon as Valentine’s Day is over, Nikki will be asking what is next to celebrate. We always do some last minute something, even if its just a little Wikipedia education. At some point I should create a lazy mom’s guide to the liturgical year. A pamphlet, mind you, not a book.

4. This is what happens when your kids happen to be looking on when you are browsing Facebook & your friends all have pictures of their kids making pink baked goods. Looks almost good enough to eat, right?

Wrong. They are biohazards.

All of the kids were sick today, so my plans of baking anything went out the window. We stayed in pjs and cuddled on the couch all day as I tried desperately, but futilely, to keep them from coughing & sneezing on the baby.

At lunch time I drew some pictures for them to color, and they perked up a little.

But then a little Facebook browsing & the whining began. I cannot stand whining. And usually it means automatic time-out for my kids, but they were sick and I was already feeling lazy mom guilt. So, we made cookies. And the coughing & sneezing all over the cookies reminded me of Morla in The Never Ending Story.



5. Last night Michael and I watched Forrest Gump. He had never seen it, but all throughout the movie he was saying, “Oh yeah, I heard about this part.” At about 3/4 through the movie he looks at me and says, “It really stinks seeing a movie twenty years too late.”

6. We also watched a sweet video of old couples talking about their wedding songs. Michael looked at me & asked if I remembered ours.

See, Michael quizzes me on things because my memory is awful, and he knows it. It really is truly awful. How early does early onset Alzheimer’s start? I think it bothers him even more when it’s something sentimental that I don’t remember. And I should remember our wedding song! On the spot I said, “wait, just let me think!”and he just shook his head at me.

Then I had it! “The Way You Look Tonight!” And he just walked out of the room.

“What? Wasn’t that it!??”

I followed him, and asked, “wasn’t that it?”

Looking at me with complete disbelief he said, “Our song is Unforgettable.” Pause. Our song is Unforgettable. And I forgot it! Then we both busted up laughing.

But really, I shouldn’t ever forget it now.

7. To wrap up Valentines Day, which was really rather less than epic (except for the cookie mess in the kitchen), we made mug cakes. We have been late in the game with these, mostly because we did not own a microwave until we moved in here three months ago.

This is our favorite recipe. I’ve only made two others, but we keep coming back to this recipe. We make one batch & split between two mugs & only cook for 45 seconds. We top with vanilla ice cream & a tiny bit of Khalua.

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