“Baby Unicorn”

Finally! A crafty post!!!

For Christmas, Penny said she wanted a baby unicorn. No idea where she got this idea, but when I heard her mention it to my friend Jenny as she was doing our family photos, I got an idea & ran with it.


For the body of the doll, I followed the pattern here for the Basic Amigurumi Doll. Amigurumi is a style of crochet done very tightly, usually stitched in the round. Because its a tight stitch, you can stuff the pieces, and the stuffing won’t show through. So it’s ideal for making cute little toys.

To my surprise, this doll was not forgotten within a week after Christmas. Penny plays with her baby unicorn all the time, and won’t go to sleep without her.


The Unicorn Head:
I got creative & designed my own unicorn head. Looks a little “piggy” to me, but once you add the mane & horn, it looks alright. Also, I used the cat ear pattern from this site, and the horn pattern (starting with fewer stitches) from this site. If you’re looking to recreate it…you may have to play with it a bit. I wish I had taken notes of what I did. (Well, I did take some notes & had planned to share a pattern for the head, but unfortunately cannot find those notes at the moment. if they turn up, i promise to post.) Next time, next time


Instead I’ll just say that I started by making a little circle, then stitched 1 sc in each sc for a little bit to create the snout. Then I continued making a ball (similar, but maybe a little bigger than the doll pattern mentioned above? It was just the way the math worked out. Once I got about 2/3 way done with the head, I stitched little Xs for nostrils & attached the eyes, ears & horn. Then I decreased to close (at the back of the head. Once I had maybe 6 or 8 stitches left, I bound it off and cut a long tail. I used a yarn needle to stitch the last few closed. Oh, and obviously at some point I also stuffed the head. 🙂


For the hair, I did a strip of SC as long as I wanted the mane to be, then attached yarn to that as the hair. This is a good place to look at how to do that. And that’s it! 

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