5 Favorite Fictional Couples

With St. Valentine’s Day only two days away, I’m going to list my five favorite fictional couples. (This was SO hard! And the longer I think about it, the more likely I’ll change this to my 10 favorites, so I’m just going to get started!)

Ok, here we go!

emma knightly

1. Emma Wodehouse and Mr. Knightly
Emma loves matchmaking (just like me) and is not so great at it (just like Michael). Ha! But seriously, my favorite part of their story is that they are such good friends who finally figure out that they are in love. And the scene pictured above…well, I’ve always thought that the perfect relationship was one where a loving rebuke was spoken when necessary.

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

2. Clementine & Joel
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my favorite movies. And here’s why: through all the weirdness and frustration, and despite memory erasure, their love survives. And a big part of that is that they learn that forgiveness entails an intentional forgetting the other’s faults. And that relationships are not made up of just the pretty happy things. We all sin, and because of that, we will always end up saying something we don’t really mean, or doing something hurtful. But real love can call the other to be better while not holding it against them when they fail. Real love apologizes. Real love forgives.  (PS> I know this movie is really strange. So if you go watch it and can’t stand it…don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

mr darcy elizabeth bennet

3. Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet

Duh, right? First of all, they’re the classiest couple ever! He admires her for both her “fine eyes” and that she improves her mind with reading. She is proud of him, because he is a good man. And they are both so stubborn. Sigh.

life is beautiful movie

4. Guido & Dora
Life is Beautiful. This couple just exemplifies the importance of laughter. He absolutely adores her. And he wins her heart by making her laugh and making everything magical. And that is how he shelters his son from the horrible reality of life inside the concentration camp.

And my all-time favorite:

beatrice and benedick much ado about nothing emma thompson kenneth branagh

5. Beatrice & Benedick
Ok, so I have I hard time narrowing my favorites down to just 5, but picking my one favorite is hands down this couple. Just watch this scene. They are so feisty, so intense, so sarcastic! They just despise each other so much, that it’s obvious the only solution is that they should get married! And I don’t ever want to see any other interpretation of them than Branagh and Thompson.

Who are your favorites?

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