{7QT} vol. 2 – Acronyms and Other Silliness

This is kinda silly. I’ve realized that I am stuck in the 90s with my internet acronyms. I LOL, and occasionally ROFL, although this is rarely literal. It actually does make me LOL when I type LOL and notice that I’m not even sitting here smiling. I wonder what my kids would think if I started ROFLing….

Well, I know I’m out of the loop, because all over FB these days, I’m seeing SMH this. SMH that. And this is the really bad part. I’m always trying to guess what SMH is (you know instead of googling it…it really is more fun that way). So I start guessing…”$hi* my…hmmm, what is H for?” Because after WTF, and OMG (which I will always type OMGoodness so that isn’t not short hand Lord’s name in vain!) I always imagine that these acronyms are shorthand for offensive phrases…so SMH*….what is that!?! And that is how I know how out of it I am.

Anyhoo, here are 7 acronyms I actually do use! They’re specific to things I like & do, and probably not very helpful to you, but maybe you’ll like some of them and put them to use.

1. WIP – “Work In Progress.” This is an acronym I only first discovered on ravelry.com and refers to a project that you have started when you were feeling really ambitious, but it’s not done…may never be done. Sometime I use it outside of knitting and crafting communities and get blank stares (well, on FB its just no comment). Along with this comes a familiarity with SC BLO or TDC, etc. I still think WIP would be awesome to use for anything.

2. OUT, ZOUT, SOUT, LUT, MUT, OSB, etc. All you have to know are that these are acronyms for Thirty-One products that we consultants use so we’re not repeatedly typing out the long names of the products. But I’m constantly editing what I type for my FB group about the products since I forget that they don’t all speak the 31 language.

3. STAT – latin “statim” – translated “immediately.” Ok, this is an old one that everyone knows, but I had to mention it because my kids use it all the time, only they say “STACK!” LOL! “Get me a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, STACK!”

4. FAM – “Fertility Awareness Method” – Ok, I use NFP (Natural Family Planning) a lot too, but when we’re around our OB/midwives/nurses, etc. I say FAM. Maybe because I feel like people aren’t as condescending when they think you’re just using it to be natural rather than to be obedient to God? But we still get an occasional “You know how babies are made, right?” comment, but whatever.

5. PIC – This is one that my parents always used. I have no idea if they made it up or what. But it’s code for “Private Ice Cream,” that you use when the kids are around and you want to talk to your husband about after-the-kids-go-to-bed. I’m thinking about changing it to “SIC” – “Secret Ice Cream” since Nikki has caught on to our code and always announces it to the other kids. Then I’m surrounded by little mouths cheeping, “Mine. Mine. Mine.” And then the ice cream that would have just barely been enough for Michael and I is devoured by three bottomless pits otherwise known as my children. ROFL (actually, no. I’m sitting quietly sipping my coffee and hoping that my kids don’t notice that I’m not busy and ask for more snacks.)

6. L8TR – Ok, I’m running out of things that I use…so here’s one that I just do not get…I mean, you’re one character short of the actual word AND if you’re on your phone you have to switch over to numbers and back again to type this….WHY!? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?

7. DAD – “Dropping a deuce” – (Really couldn’t think of any more I use regularly, so this is my suggestion for a new acronym to introduce into your vocabulary.) It will totally confuse everyone you know. But, it’s hilarious. “Where’s Alasdair?” “, Oh, he’s over in the corner, DAD.” OR, “Hey, hurry up in there!” “Sorry! DAD!” Ha ha ha! I mean, LOL. Another one could be “BNR” – “But not really.” So you could be honest about your statements that contain acronyms. LOL BNR. 🙂 You’re welcome.

Man, these acronym things are so silly. SMH. Sorry if this post was a complete waste of your time.

*SMH – Shaking my head (finally had to look it up. Glad it’s not shorthand for profanity. Maybe I’ll use this one now.)

What is your favorite or least favorite acronym?

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  1. Momma · · Reply

    OK, I’m glad you’ve cleared up the SMH for me. I seriously wondered about that one. Yeah, what kills me is when people type out “lawl” for LOL. Really?

  2. You cracked me up! I always want to type OMGosh so I don’t take the Lord’s name in vain, and then I think that’s stupid because it’s just easier to type the whole thing out. Glad to know I’m not the only one! I have had an OB ask me what birth control we use, I told her I would stick to NFP, and she joked that she’d see me soon at a prenatal checkup. Kinda aggravating! Maybe saying FAM would make me seem crunchy/natural instead of crazy religious. LOL 😉

    1. 🙂 yes. I guess crunchy gets some eye rolls too…oh well.

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