7 Quick Takes – SCOBYs & more

Trying out Seven Quick Takes link-up with Conversion Diary! Check it out!

1. I traded some of our backyard eggs with a friend for a SCOBY. If you have a weak stomach, I don’t recommend googling that one. Sometime this week I’ll attempt brewing some Kombucha tea. I’m hoping i havent already ruined my SCOBY. It’s been here a week & I still haven’t had time to read up on care, recipes, etc. Has anyone else tried it? Did you like it? There’s a lot of controversy around this beverage & whether it really is as beneficial as people claim. Well, I’ll try anything (almost) once!

2. Thinking about cutting my hair. Eek! I had set a goal with my business & getting a visit to the salon was my reward for myself. We’ll, I have not reached my goal yet. But I feel like my hair is quickly moving into “homeschool mom” lengths (yes, I’m a homeschool mom, but I don’t want to look like it! Anyway, I’m not going to do the whole salon treatment & highlights like I want. Just going to have my friend’s daughter who is beauty school practice on me. And maybe the kids too. I usually cut Alasdair & Michael’s hair, but I’m very intimidated by cutting girls’ hair (probably because I butchered Nikki’s once.)

3. Laundry….I’m getting so tired of myself! Ever since the basement flooded, I don’t go to the basement without shoes on. It just grosses me out. That’s not so bad, but somehow it makes it so much harder to get down there & switch the laundry around! So I keep ending up with clothes that have the sour been-in-the-washer-too-long smell. I’ve heard that pouring in some vinegar & running the machine again will get the smell out. Either it’s not working for me, or vinegar smells a lot like the sour washer smell. Anyone have any tips? I forget about the laundry WAY too often.

4. Nikki is 5.5 years old, and during the last few snow days with Michael home, I left behind (a lot of) the housework and snuggled up with her and The Lion, The Witch, & the Wardrobe. Are those angels singing? It has been so much fun to steal away with her for a cuddle and a chapter.

5. For dinner tonight we’re having Red Thai Chicken Curry and instead of rice this time, I’m going to serve it over quinoa. Fingers crossed! The kids loved the curry last time, so hoping that switching to quinoa goes well. And you know how naan is always so expensive? It’s bread! It should NOT be so expensive! We’ll be making it here tonight! Can’t wait to try it!

6. I’ve been toying with the idea of organizing a “frugal family fun” night. Right before we moved to OH, i caught wind of something like that being organized by our NH friends. We didn’t get to participate, but I love the idea. Get some families together, have different people do short presentations on money-saving tips, and everyone brings a frugal dish with copies of the recipe to share. I think Michael and I have learned a thing or two surviving on one teacher’s salary.

7. Now that we’re experiencing a heat wave (34!) I want to think about incorporating regular visits for Adoration into our (ha ha) routine. Speaking of routine… Time to go put Alasdair down for a nap. I hate to break up their fun. They are playing so well right now.


  1. Morgan · · Reply

    Frugal family fun night…can we FaceTime in?!

    1. Yeah!!! I’m going to start the brainstorming soon. Would probably do it sometime this summer.

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